Typhoon Lagoon

This page is a description of Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and its attractions and rides. You will find the name, the type of attraction it is, the description, location, who it is best suited for, and the scare factor.

= Fun for all = Could scare younger kids = Intense

Attraction Description Scare Factor
Keelhaul Falls** Curvy inner tube ride through caverns and watrfalls.
Crush 'n' Gusher** Multi-rider, coaster-like raft waterslide.
Humunga Kowabunga** High-speed enclosed water slide five stories high.
Shark Reef Up close snorkeling adventure across a huge tank filled with stingrays, tropical fish, colorful coral reefs and (oh yeah) sharks (don't worry they are only leopard and bonnethead sharks). All equipment needed is provided and lifeguards are on duty. Note anyone under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Surf Pool Giant wave pool.
Ketchakiddee Creek^ Play area with 10 different activity sections for preschoolers and little kids.
Castaway Creek 2,000 foot long meandering, lazy inner tube ride that encircles the park. Various locations to enter and exit.
Gang Plank Falls Four person 300 foot long family inner tube ride.
Mayday Falls Longest, wild inner tube ride in the park.
Storm Slides Body slide offering caves, waterfalls and geysers as it takes you three stories down.

=FastPass available
*40 inch height requirement | **48 inch height requirement | ^under 48 inches
#38 inch height requirement | +44 inch height requirement

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