This page is a description of Blizzard Beach Water Park and its attractions and rides. You will find the name, the type of attraction it is, the description, location, who it is best suited for, and the scare factor.

= Fun for all = Could scare younger kids = Intense

Attraction Description Scare Factor
Downhill Double Dipper** Inner tube water slide race.
Melt-Away Bay This wave pool has a sandy white beach.
Snow Stormers Tobaggan-style water mat racing slides.
Summit Plummet** High-speed (50 - 60 mph to be exact) waterslide with a 12-story drop!
Chair Lift# Transports guests to the top of Mount Gushmore instead of taking the stairs.
Ski Patrol Training Camp^ Play area for bigger kids who are too young for Tike's Peak but not quite old enough for the big waterslides. Note the water is 8 feet deep here.
Tike's Peak^ Play area for little kids with a shallow wading pool.
Cross Country Creek** Slow, lazy raft ride encircling the park. Various locations to enter and exit.
Runoff Rapids Inner tube water slide with 3 different flumes to choose from.
Slush Gusher** 90 foot tall waterslide with rolling hills.
Teamboat Springs A 1,200 feet long family raft ride that will accommodate up to 6 people.
Toboggan Racers Eight lane waterslide race on toboggan-style water mats.

=FastPass available
*40 inch height requirement | **48 inch height requirement | ^under 48 inches
#32 inch height requirement | +44 inch height requirement

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